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[1] is a collaboration between filmmaker Cassidy Rast and designer X.L (Xavier Leonard) commissioned by the Soundwave Biennial in San Franciso, CA. The source material for 1 comes from the audio, video, and traditional stories collected by Rast during the production of her documentary covering the the life and teachings of Tz’utujil Mayan elder Tata Pedro Cruz. Tata Pedro is one of the last living Ajq’iij’s (calendar day keeper) from the highlands of Lake Atitlan, in Guate-Maya.

The objective of 1 is to used shared experience, discovery and networked interaction to imbue the audience with a palpable and visually demonstrative sense of unity. That sense will be forged from the articulation of Tata Pedro’s mission to unite the people of the world through understanding the Mayan Calendar.

[1] consists of the following elements:

Nine audioscapes
Created by mixing ambient sound, interviews and songs in the Mayan languages of Tz’utujil, Kaqchikel and K’iche’, recorded by Rast during her documentation of Mayan culture in Guate-Maya..

Nine Augmented Reality (AR) “broadcasts” of the audioscapes
The artists will use smartphone-deployed AR browsers to geo-locate the audioscapes at pre-selected contemplative sites in San Francisco . Listeners who download the [1] app on their phones are guided to the sites using the “radar finder” of their phone’s AR browser. The corresponding audioscape will be trigger automatically once the listener arrives at the site.

Durational Presentation
The culminating stage presentation includes projections of the documentary stills and their corresponding translations, along with the projection of a time-lapse video of the nine weeks of visualizations which demonstrate the growth of the [1] network. The video is timed to correspond to the duration of the nine audioscapes played back in sequence.