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I Think I Witnessed A Murder

A set of projected visualizations and Augmented Reality experiences that pay homage to the 369 immigrants known officially to have died attempting to cross the Southwest border in 2010.  This includes six who died as consequence of Border Agent actions.  The title quotes Ashley Young, who recorded video of Border Agents beating and tasering Anastasio Hernández-Rojas in Tijuana that year. He died in custody shortly thereafter.


Viewers of the piece and other festival attendees/fans will be able to share their personal knowledge of immigration hardship stories by calling a voicemail number and leaving the story in a message. The installation will be updated daily to incorporate audio from those recordings.

If you have a story of border crossing hardship that you’d like included in this project, call 619.566.6796 and leave the story as a message. As best you can, please work out exactly where the hardship happened, so you can leave that info in your message.